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About Us

  • Marian Hoy, owner, manager, and creator of The Definitive Equalizer, began her law enforcement career in 1970  She is a former Dallas Police Officer and current Texas Commission on Law Enforcement approved trainer.   In March 1988, she founded and managed the only woman owned training facility approved  to train peace officers in this country. 

  •  Ms. Hoy is also an approved trainer with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Bureau of Private Security.   She holds an Advanced Peace Officer status,  has a BS in Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish as well as a MS in Business, and has complete approximately 3500 in-service training hours.  

  • Since 1974 Marian has studied and researched practically every active terror group operating in the world, which included studying specific targets, and the methods used to attack the  target, be it, gun, bomb, vehicle ramming, and/or chemical attacks among others.  

  • Based on the precise details of each attack Ms. Hoy developed and designed  The Definitive Equalizer, a safety structure that  will stop, isolate, segregate and hold an active shooter. 


How it Works!

• Each meticulous detail of The Definitive Equalizer will not only save lives but reduces the resulting trauma that occurs during and after the active shooter event. The safety structure also protects responding emergency personnel.

  • The goal of the ‘safety structure’ is to stop the active shooter threat before he/she insinuates themselves into the population of a school, church, hospital, sports event, restaurant, or another gathering place or business.


We will be pleased to visit your location and evaluate the safety capabilities of your entire property including buildings, fencing, parking areas etc.  Our evaluations will consist of three levels of protection options from the least effective to the highest effectiveness.   In that way, the manager/owner of the property will be able to decide which level is appropriate for their property.


The Definitive Equalizer

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